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Wessex Mill
Wessex Mill
Wessex Mill stocks a diverse array of premium quality flours that stand out from the rest. Their products are made with locally grown wheat that has been milled to perfection to produce top quality bread.
Wessex Mill flour makes bread-making easy and rewarding. They ensure to only choose the best wheat with quality gluten by testing samples before bringing any into the mill. They use the traditional roller milling process – milling the flour slowly, as opposed to the modern way of debranning the wheat before grinding it. This way the flour doesn't heat up as much and it prevents the protein from damage.
The fact that they are a small mill enables them to store the wheat from each farm separately without batching. You can conveniently find the names of their farms on the back of every bag they sell. They are a leader in the industry with numerous awards further reinforcing their high quality and integrity.
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