Open-air cinema snack must-haves

So, you’re thinking of hosting an open-air cinema night and need some snack ideas? Outdoor cinema nights are the perfect activity for the long and warm(ish) British summer days, and if there is something that a cinema night can’t be without, besides the film itself, is food to munch on – snacks, snacks and a few more snacks!

At Pantry House, we stock various delicious goodies to make sure nobody gets ravenous and turns the zombie film you’re watching into reality. From healthy snacks to decadent treats and even a wide selection of vegan snacks and gluten-free snacks! Here are some of our must-have snacks to serve at your open-air cinema.

Savoursmiths Hand Cooked Somerset Cheddar & Shallot Potato Crisps

There is something special about eating something crunchy while watching a film, it simply feels (and tastes) right. If you can’t find any popcorn, crisps are the best next thing. Savoursmiths crisps are available in a variety of exciting flavour combinations which you will love, including Savoursmiths Hand Cooked Wagyu Beef & Honey Mustard Potato Crisps and Savoursmiths Hand Cooked Truffle & Rosemary Potato Crisps.

Positano Sicilian Cannoli filled with Pistachio Cream

If you are going for decadent, filled cannoli will not only be delicious but a fabulous treat for all. An authentic Italian delicacy that will be a hit at your party. If you are not a fan of pistachio, there are plenty of other flavours to choose from, such as Positano Sicilian Cannoli filled with Lemon Flavoured Cream and Positano Neapolitan Cannoli filled with Hazelnut Cream.

BRAVE Dark Chocolate Roasted Chickpeas

Beautifully roasted chickpeas covered in rich dark chocolate – who wouldn’t want to have this treat while enjoying a great movie? If chocolate doesn’t float your boat, BRAVE also have other flavours to choose from, including BRAVE Sea Salt Roasted Chickpeas and BRAVE Sweet Chilli Roasted Chickpeas.

Border Biscuits Biscuit Variety Share Pack

Instead of choosing one biscuit to rule them all, go for a variety share pack so there is something for everyone. This Border Biscuits Variety Share Pack comes with Light & Chocolatey Viennese Whirls, Sweet Memories Butterscotch Crunch, Buttery Shortbread Rings, Chocolate Oat Crumbles, Buttery Sultana Melts and Divinely Chocolatey Cookies.

Tooty Fruity Dark Chocolate Ginger Drops

A healthier treat made with crystallised ginger coated in dark chocolate – the perfect combo, fiery ginger with indulgent, dark chocolate. The ideal snack for any occasion.

Coolmore Chocolate Orange Cake

Don’t have time to bake a cake? Get a delicious freshly baked cake instead. This moist chocolate fudge cake with orange extract will make your guests come back for a second (or third) slice. Not a big fan of chocolate and orange? Coolmore cakes also have Coolmore Carrot Cake, Coolmore Red Velvet Cake and much more.

New Berry Fruit Jewels

An assortment of soft fruit jellies with a goey centre and lots of fruit flavour. The perfect sweets for adults and kids. Divide these into bowls and place them around the table.

Looking to make something special for your guests? Make your own pizza with Davina Steel Classic Gluten Free Pizza Mix, a gluten-free pizza mix that has real pizza texture and wood-fired flavour. Add your favourite toppings and serve, everyone will love it! If you want to bake something sweet, make sure to try any of the delicious The Bottle Baking Co mixes, including The Bottle Baking Co Seriously Smart Cookie Mix.

After you have all your snacks, it’s time to set up the table. Add some fun cinema-themed décor, ambient lighting and pick the film! We hope that you have a fantastic evening.