Authentic World Wide Flavours

Despite the name, there really is no secret at Family Secret, they simply strive to produce great tasting healthy foods and recipe ideas for everyone.

The name is completely accurate, however, when it says family! Inspired by recipes and experiences from their honeymoon, husband and wife duo, Sunny and Harmeet, head up Family Secret alongside sisters, nieces and even getting Mum and Dad involved occasionally. Family secret’s range of cooking sauces are low fat, low salt and low sugar with no preservatives or artificial colours but maximum authentic flavour.

They aim to unite other families with their cooking and world-wide flavours. The range also means customers are able to cook up a delicious meal very quickly, perfect for people with busy schedules! Simply cook with meat, fish, or vegetables as a quick but impressive meal. They are also suitable for home freezing.

In 2016, they launched their range of 7 cooking sauces inspired by the countries and regions they had visited. The packaging and look of the product have changed a bit since then but they were so excited to share the recipes with the world that flavour was of higher importance.

The following year, after the flavours had received a great reception, it was time for ‘operation packaging refresh’ which resulted in the Family Secret packaging we all know and love today. As the business began to grow and large names within the food industry began to stock Family Secret, they continued to guarantee their sauces hit the target of being quality food at an affordable mid-range price.

They want customers to be able to experience restaurant-quality food from the comfort of their own home with natural flavours, and over the past few years the demand for this has significantly grown.


Then, in 2019, Family Secret opened the new door for wholesale business which is when they started the relationship with Springvale Foods.

Shop today and discover their mini poppadoms as well as sauces in a range of authentic flavours from China, Indonesia and more. Our favourite is the Moroccan Tagine Cooking sauce. This warm hearty sauce has sweet flavours of aubergine and tomatoes mixed with middle eastern spices. What is your favourite? Discover the full range here.