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  • Notting Hill Carnival inspired foods
    Notting Hill Carnival inspired foods

    Are you missing the Notting Hill Carnival? You’re not alone. This colourful and vibrant open-air carnival celebrates Caribbean culture and traditions by filling the streets of West London with thousands of performers in the carnival parade dressed in flamboyant costumes and hundreds of food stalls selling authentic Caribbean food.

  • Summer recipes
    Summer recipes
    Everyone loves food. Everyone loves summer. What happens when you put them together? Five delicious, family-friendly recipes that are sure to put a smile on your face. Why not let your kids help you prepare the food? It’s a fun, educational activity and will keep them busy!
  • Open-air cinema snack must-haves
    Open-air cinema snack must-haves
    So, you’re thinking of hosting an open-air cinema night and need some snack ideas? Outdoor cinema nights are the perfect activity for the long and warm(ish) British summer days, and if there is something that a cinema night can’t be without, besides the film itself, is food to munch on – snacks, snacks and a few more snacks!
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